Patch Note 1.85 - 26/11/2022

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Patch 1.84

- Added the normal autohunting system.
- Added the premium autohunter system that will be available in the itemshop tomorrow.

- The following World Cup items have been made stackable: Flag of Brazil, Flag of Uruguay, Flag of Costa Rica, Flag of the USA, Flag of Portugal.
- The name of the following items has been corrected: Glorious Stole, Yellow Card.
- Fixed the time of some outfits that had 7 days to 30 days. People who have the selection outfit with less than 1 week time can make a ticket in #support to be exchanged for one of 30 days.
- Fixed a crafting bug on Mexico outfits that had the recipe tapped.
- Fixed a bug where some stoles wouldn't let them be fused with weapons/armor
- Fixed the USA(m) outfit crafting bug that asked for a yellow card instead of a red card.

- The dopes event has been disabled.
- The list of GM's has been updated.

P.S We are aware that during this maintenance a problem has appeared that magical metals and blessings do not allow items to be uploaded. We hope to fix it in a few hours and perform another maintenance.