「⚔」Premium Battle Pass January 2023「⚔」

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Premium Battle Pass January
It can be purchased in the Itemshop for 1000 Coins.
Ends January 31.

Quests and Rewards

1. Being connected for 13,500 minutes.

Reward: Rune Chest x100

2. Use 2.500.000 Enchant items 1-5.

Reward: Bag of Enchant items x25

3. Kill 35.000 Mobs.

Reward: Bloodthirsty Stole Voucher, Grilled Eel x100, Grilled Perch x100.

4. Mine 5.000 minerals.

Reward: Fluorite mineral x50.

5. Kill 50 Ganesha.

Recompensa: Fluorite thread x100

6. Kill 50 Arradores.

Recompensa: Fluorite Hook x100

7. Destroy 1000 Metins.

Reward: Regression Title x1, Biologist's Exorcism x15.

8. Destroy 2000 Black Uniforms.

Reward: War Chest.

9. Kill 20 Death Reaper.

Reward: Fluorite Link x75

10. Hunt 50 King Crab.

Reward: Red Stone on Fire x50.

Final Reward for Completing the Premium Battle Pass in its Entirety:

Bloodthirsty Chest


Outfit and Hairstyle Bloody Knight and Bloody Lady

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Bonus Hairstyles: Critical Strike Chance 5%, Strength vs. Half Humans 5%.
Bonus Outfits: Max HP 2000, Strength vs. Half Humans 15%, Critical Strike Chance 10%.

Bloodthirsty Weapons:
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Weapon Bonuses: Critical Strike Chance 5%, Strength vs. Half Humans 5%, Spell Speed ​​10%.

Blood Steed (Mount):

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Mount Bonuses: Strength against Monsters 35%.

Fatty Bloodthirsty (Pet)
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Pet Bonus: 2000 HP, 15% Strength against monsters, 10% EXP bonus.

Bloodthirsty Stole Preview (25% Absorption)
[It doesn't come in the Chest]
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Best regards, Staff Zarox.
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