How to recharge coins.

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How to recharge coins on the server.


Well, with this guide we want to provide information on the forms of payment for Coins recharges in Zarox, the payment methods are very simple and fast. As a first option we have Paypal through the page:

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By means of Paysafecard cards (always in euros) you must send the code obtained to the private server administrator via Discord: Leukim#0033 after he has verified it, he will proceed to charge the corresponding coins to the account.

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What do you have to do? Very simple, you have to send a PM to Discord Zarox Western Union#3732, where the data for the transfer is provided (transfers can be done 24 hours a day) when you have done it, send:

1- The full name of the sender.
2- The approximate amount to receive.
3-The money transfer control number (MTCN)
4- ID where the coins will be loaded

If everything is correct, the coins will be loaded in a few hours and it may take about 24 hours to execute the delivery of coins. In the event that in 24 hours from the confirmation of the donation the coins have not been delivered, they must write to the discord Zarox Western Union#3732 to review your case individually.

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Credit card via Streamloots de Leukim

Credit card we will get this option via the Stramloots of Leukim where by ''Get My Packs'' we can pay and thus also get our coins.

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Any other questions regarding donations write directly to the Discord of Leukim#0033 or create a ticket within the Zarox server, if it is via Werster Union the doubts of this method are clarified by the Discord: Zarox Western Union#3732
Sincerely, Staff Zarox.